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Update: December 9th, 2013

Who Else Wants $200 Free Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Save money of PPCIf you want quick and effective way to get visitors to your website, then your solution is to use pay-per-click programs. To save you money, we have compiled some of the best PPC programs free credits here:

Make sure you signup soon because these are limited time offers. You can also get more free credits from some web hosting companies shortlisted below. Just make sure you use a different email to signup for more PPC credits.

The Secret to Get More Free Advertising Credits

If you are still looking for a hosting plan to start your business, you can actually double the free advertising credits. These are the best hosting companies we feature below which gives huge free pay-per-click credits from Adwords, Yahoo and other PPC programs. We have checked and done web hosting comparison on related forums and webmasters’ discussion boards to make sure we give you the most accurate information. We also listen to feedbacks from users like you who have been willing to share their experience.

  • iPage $50 Google Adwords. $25 Yahoo! Credits. $50 Facebook Advertising.. If you are still confused about which web hosting to choose, iPage offers the best of everything. Priced from $6.95 $3.50/month, you can get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, FREE domain for life, FREE Security Suite, FREE Site-Building tools, FREE Online Store, $50 Google Adwords credit and $25 Yahoo! Marketing Coupons. If you are not sure of what you need, why not try iPage or read this iPage review first.
  • Hostgator $100 Google Adwords Credits. This company probably does not need introduction. Many people say the have the top website hosting reseller plans as well as very shared hosting services. Hostgator is probably the best rated and most reviewed hosting on the web. Read this Hostgator review to understand why they are better compared to other major players. Their customer service is superior compared to the other “unlimited-hosting” competitors. You can also get free account by using certain Hostgator coupon code so you can try before you buy.
  • Yahoo Merchant Solutions $100 Yahoo Credits. $50 Google Credits. Rated as best shopping cart by many reviews. Also known as Yahoo Store, this hosting solution is trusted to the many top 500 internet retailers. This eCommerce hosting is a one-stop shop if you need to sell anything on the web. You can save more time and money and forget about high cost of hiring designer, web developer and e-commerce system integrator. Occasionally they have 35% discount on their plans. Go to Yahoo! Merchant Solutions’ website to view current promotion.
  • Justhost $50 MySpace Credits. $25 Yahoo! Credits. $25 Google Credits. $25 Miva Ad Credits. $20 BidVertiser Clicks. If price is your biggest constraint, Justhost can be a good host to start with. Priced from only $4.95 $1.95/month, you are able to get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain for life, and other benefits most other cPanel hosts provides such as $50 Google Adwords credit, $25 Yahoo! Marketing Coupons and use of Fantastico. If you want the cheapest and nothing else matters more, why not try Justhost. Do not forget to study this Justhost review first.
  • GoDaddy $75 Google Credits. $50 Facebook Ad Credits. $60 MySpace Credits. There have 35 million registered domains by March 2010 and still growing. They hold more than 30% market share in domain registration and many websites are hosted with them too. This means they are doing something right for having such a big customer base. You can get free hosting (must display their ads) with each domain purchase.

Almost all of the above come with free Site Builder so you can quickly get started promoting your business instead of wasting more time and money on your website.

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